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TJFP announces its first director, Gabriel Foster

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TJFP Director, Gabriel Foster. Photo by Mckenzie Latania

The Trans Justice Funding Project announces             its first director!

The Trans Justice Funding Project (TJFP) is pleased to announce its first director, Gabriel Foster.

In the summer of 2012, Karen Pittelman and Gabriel Foster sat in a coffee shop discussing the possibility of co-organizing a funding inititive run by and for trans communities across the U.S. They wanted to center the leadership of trans people and trans communities by distributing funds through a community-led process that prioritizes grantees.

In 2013, TJFP raised over $50,000, funding 22 trans-led, grassroots groups and organizations. In 2014, TJFP raised three times that amount, distributing $150,000 to 68 groups and organizations with budgets under $250,000. In its two short years, TJFP has become a leader in funding grass roots trans justice work. This is the result of hundreds of people pooling their resources together, donating time and skills, and support.

As we head into another year of moving money into our communites, envisioning new approaches to accountable and transparent grantmaking, and dreaming big, TJFP continues to believe in and trust trans leadership. We look forward to doing so with Gabriel, a self-identified black, queer, trans person who remains deeply committed to bringing people together to turn ideas into reality, as its director. To learn more about Gabriel, please view here.

Please join us in welcoming and supporting Gabriel as he settles into this new position and new role.  You can reach him directly at

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    So much more is possible when we collectively pool our love and resources together to show up for our communities who fight on behalf of all of us. Whether it's one dollar or a million, every dollar counts! We invite you to join us in supporting the community-led solutions we wish to see, today and into the future.