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Your donation supports grassroots, trans led groups who are changing the way power operates-locally, statewide and nationality.

With your help, TJFP can fund even more BIPOC, trans-led groups centered in trans justice and liberation, who are finding innovative and beautiful solutions to support trans communities, from community organizing, direct service and mutual aid, to art and healing, education and employment, to abolition and interrupting systems of violence, criminalization and harm.

So much more is possible when we collectively pool our love and resources together to show up for our communities who fight on behalf of all of us.Whether it’s one dollar or a million, every dollar counts!

Whether it’s one dollar or a million, every dollar counts!

We invite you to join us in supporting the community-led solutions we wish to see, today and into the future.

Being a grantee and then being a fellow… it was educational, it was enlightening, it just gave me a whole new sense of purpose. Because I could never have imagined all of these people… all over the country, doing amazing work to support people who look like me. And giving away that money was just exhilarating… I just don’t think I could ever feel the way I felt that weekend.

Zakia McKensey

former TJFP grantee, 2019 TJFP Community Grantmaking Fellow and TJFP Grantmaking Panel facilitator