Applications for TJFP’s 2024 Grant Cycle are now closed.



Is Your Group Eligible
for a TJFP Grant?

  • Are you a group?
  • Are you a grassroots, trans justice group run by and for trans people?
  • Is your group’s total budget less than $250,000?
  • Are you located in the United States or a U.S. territory?
  • Are you centering the leadership of trans people organizing around their experiences with racism, economic injustice, transmisogyny, ableism, immigration, incarceration, and other intersecting oppressions?
  • Are you meeting the needs of different local communities and using organizing and/or providing services to help bring people together?
  • Do you see your work as part of a bigger picture of trans-led work that seeks dignity and justice for all people?




  • Individuals
  • Groups with a budget of more than $250,000
  • Groups that are not led by trans or gender non-conforming people
  • Groups outside the United States or the U.S. territories
  • Programs within an organization (where your group is not fiscally sponsored) with a budget over $250,000


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Each year the deadline to apply is February 15th, by midnight Pacific Standard Time. Decisions will be made at the end of May, so you can expect to hear back from us by early June.


Translation & Accessibility

The application is currently available in English and Spanish.

Please email us at by January 10th if you need a translated version in another language of the application.

We aim to make this process as accessible as possible, so please let us know about any other needs you have and we will do our best to meet them.

FAQs About FAQs


Yes, as long as your own independent group’s budget is less than $250,000.

If you are a group with a fiscal sponsor, your own group’s budget must be less than $250,000. It does not matter what your fiscal sponsor’s budget is.

Please remember that a program is not a group. If your program budget is less than $250,000, but your group’s total budget is more than $250,000, you are not eligible.

No. We do not fund programs at larger organizations. We fund independent trans-led groups.

Yes! You might want to share how you used your grant this year in your application. But you don’t have to—we do not require reporting.

We offer something called a ReUp, where grantees will have the option to request a renewal grant of the same amount they received the year before. A ReUp is only an option for the year after you received your grant. So, if you received a grant in 2020, you are eligible for a ReUp in 2021. But in 2021, you will have to apply again using our standard application.

We hope that ReUps will include some of the advantages of multi-year grants while avoiding some of their disadvantages. A ReUp will save you time and get you more cash, just like a multi-year grant. However, most multi-year grants only fund a smaller pool of established organizations. ReUps will allow more groups, including those that are newer and less well-known, access to a second year of funding. The ReUp plan will also continue to share the gatekeeping role of grantmaker with an ever-growing and diverse group of community members, so that applicants will always have the option to share their work with a new group of peers each year.

We use the term “trans” in its most inclusive sense, as an umbrella term encompassing transsexual, transgender, genderqueer, TwoSpirit people, and more generally, anyone whose gender identity or gender expression is non-conforming and/or different from their birth-assigned sex.

We see trans justice as a commitment to creating a world where trans and gender non-conforming individuals and communities have the freedom to self-define and express their genders without fear of violence, discrimination, or harassment. A world where we recognize and honor that our communities have knowledge and expertise in matters relating to our own lives that no one else will have.

(Thank you to Leeway Foundation and Ryan Li for the adapted definitions above.)

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