Our Team our-team


Gabriel Foster
Co-founder & Executive Director
Cathy Kapua
Deputy Director
Marin Watts
Chief Financial Officer
Ola Osaze
Cultivation Strategist
Nicole Fernandes
Administrative Director
Demian Yoon
Director of Operations
Christina Edwards
Operations Associate

Grantmaking Meeting Facilitators & Support Team

Cristina Herrera
Community Grantmaking Meeting Coordinator
Luce Capco Lincoln
Meeting Support
V Varun Chaudhry
Grantmaking Meeting Zoom Conductor
Ninotska Love
Spanish Language Translator
Glo Ross
Facilitator Alumni
Andrea Jenkins
Facilitator Alumni
Nico Amador
Facilitator Alumni

Support TJFP Support TJFP

So much more is possible when we collectively pool our love and resources together to show up for our communities who fight on behalf of all of us. Whether it's one dollar or a million, every dollar counts! We invite you to join us in supporting the community-led solutions we wish to see, today and into the future.