Zakia (Jemaceye’) McKensey


Zakia (Jemaceye’) McKensey, a native of Richmond, VA, is an advocate for L.G.B.T.Q. equality, with special interest in the Transgender community and those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Zakia started her career in HIV prevention in 2001 at Fan Free Clinic as the MSM (Men who Sleep with Men) Coordinator, and from there served for six years as the first Transgender Women of Color to work for the Richmond City Health District, as a Disease Intervention Specialist. She has also worked as a Transgender Community Advocate at the Virginia Anti-Violence Project where she provided support and advocacy to LGBTQ survivors of dating violence and intimate partner violence, and facilitated a healthy relationships curriculum.

Zakia is currently the Executive Director and Founder of Nationz Foundation, an organization that offers free HIV testing and links to care services and a food pantry to assist clients in need or experiencing hardships in life. She is also the C.E.O. of Nationz Pageantry System, a pageantry system for male entertainers and female impersonators to showcase their talents, erase HIV stigma, and promote healthier lifestyle changes through entertainment and fashion.

Zakia is the current reigning Sweetheart International at Large, former Miss Scandals, Miss Fieldens, Miss Godfreys, Miss Club Colours, Miss Black America Plus, Miss Nationz, and Miss Black National, and has captured over 180 national, state, regional and club competitions throughout her career in pageantry.

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