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Appreciating our 2021 Grantmaking Coordination/Facilitation Team!

(Clockwise from top left: Zakia McKensey, Cristina Herrera, Cathy Kapua, V Chaudry, Luce Lincoln, Nico Amador)
We want to give a special shout out to the dedication and commitment of our grantmaking meeting facilitators, coordinators, consultants, and staff! Our ninth community grantmaking meeting wouldn’t have gone nearly so smoothly without this amazing crew on hand to support the process. Thank you so much!
Cathy and Zakia, as our dynamic duo of fabulous facilitators, guided our fellows through the grantmaking process with so much care and heart.
Cristina, our grantmaking meeting coordinator, provided so much logistical support and ensured our team remained well fed, supplied, and comfortable through multiple lengthy Zoom meetings.
Nico, who’s been a facilitator with TJFP since the very beginning, stepped into a new role this year, taking detailed notes during fellows’ discussions.
V, a longtime TJFP super-volunteer, lit up the room as tech support/Zoom conductor, and Luce, a 2016 Grantmaking Fellow, took up the reins on short notice when V had to step away!
We can’t thank you enough. Learn more about our incredible team here–we’re so blessed to have these magnificently talented humans as part of the TJFP family!

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