We did it!

Last week, we reached our spring fundraising goal of $250,000 (and then some!), thanks to your generosity and support. And over the past weekend, our amazing Community Grantmaking Fellows chose the 204 trans-led grassroots trans justice groups who will be receiving grants this year! There’s more exciting news to share from this year’s groundbreaking and unprecedented grantmaking panel, so stay tuned in the coming weeks for the full announcement of all 204 grantees and how we’re supporting our communities in 2022.

We always knew our tenth year would be one of celebration for having made it so far, but we could never have dreamed of all we’ve achieved in 2022. Starting in 2012 as a project distributing $55,000 to 22 grantees at our first grantmaking panel, we’re now moving $1.25 million in grants to 204 grantees. If we include the ReUp grants we made earlier this year, we’ll be distributing over $1.9 million to 352 grassroots trans-led groups in 2022 and watching the field of trans justice grow and grow!

Thank you to all our brilliant applicants and grantees, and thank you to our supporters and community for donating, spreading the word, and fighting for trans justice in big and small ways every day. Most of all, thank you for taking care of each other and yourselves.

As one of our 2022 Grantmaking Fellows, Tatyana Moaton, said after reading this year’s applications,

“These funds will be going directly back into the communities that vitally need them. This is the true essence of letting community help community.”

At our core we believe in people helping people, and we’re forever grateful for everyone who trusts and believes in trans brilliance.

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