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TJFP on the road again!

At this very moment Trans Justice Funding Project (TJFP) staff are traveling throughout the Northeastern United States for the 3rd edition of our “From the Ground to the Sky” listening tour!

Since 2013, TJFP has been supporting trans justice by moving funds directly into trans communities across the country.  We are committed to supporting the extrordinary leadership of trans and gender non-conforming activists and organizers! One of the most exciting ways we’re able to bolster trans communities–outside of our annual grant making–is through the listening tour.

Initially we kicked off our tour in 2015, traveling from town to town to meet with and learn from activists and organizers about what’s going on in their local areas. To date we’ve met with trans-led, grassroots groups and organizers in 17 states.  This time we’ll be sitting down to learn from groups in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

It’s been an incredible opportunity to be with grantees, local organizers, see old friends, and meet new ones along the way.

As with every tour, we hope you’ll stay tuned as we share our journey with you.

Here’s a quick clip of our tour so far!

Please visit our Youtube page to view videos from past tours!

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