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TJFP is speaking at Money for Our Movements

GIFT's Money for our MovementsTrans Justice Funding Project volunteer, Rebecca Wisotsky joins the workshop, Collective Dollars, Collective Sense: Giving circles and models of cross-class philanthropy.  Saturday, August 2nd at 4:15pm at the Money for Our Movements conference in Baltimore, MD.

Description: What can we do to strengthen cross-class solidarity in our movement via funding practices? How do we leverage our collective resources to take work to scale? How do we push institutional philanthropy to practice the tenant of centering the leadership and voices of communities most affected by injustices, and at the same time create our own sustainable sources of income for movements? Through story-telling of success and failure, we hope to discuss and answer some of these questions as we share several innovative models of funding that go beyond the traditional practice and power dynamic of funder vs. fundraiser.

Ellen Barry, The Criminal Justice Initiative Donor-Activist Funding Circle
Rebecca Wisotsky, Trans Justice Funding Project
Alicia Sanchez Gill, Diverse City Fund

If you’ll be there, please come say hello!

Want to know more about the Money for Our Movements?  Visit their website.

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