Northeast From the Ground to the Sky Listening Tour

TJFP interviews Osgood from Portland Outright (2018 Grantee,) Organizers at TGI Network of Rhode Island (2018 Grantee,) Tyrell Cooper from Black Trans Love is Black Wealth (2018 Grantee)

In the fall of 2018,  TJFP headed back on the road for another edition of our From the Ground to the Sky Listening Tour.  On this tour, we had the great pleasure of visiting with trans and gender non-conforming leaders and activist around the country to learn what trans justice means and looks like where they live and do their work. We are deeply humbled and grateful for the amazing leadership of this community and continue to be inspired each and every day.

This year we headed up North to hear from trans activists and organizers in the Northeast United States. We took 12 days and drove from state to state to hear about the ways folks are organizing and showing up for one another. Our Northeastern tour took us to Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine. We learned so much about how how folks organize in rural communities, innovative ways people are using technology to access medical resources, and so much more!

Check out our video highlighting the amazing work of Portland Outright to learn about how they support the trans and GNC youth community in Portland Maine!

You can find more videos from TJFP’s From the Ground to the Sky Listening Tour here. And there’s more coming, so please check back in!

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