Sebastian Margaret

Sebastian Margaret is a disability justice community educator and a disabled Trans* queer immigrant who is kept deliciously exhausted parenting a pair of gorgeous kids. Not formally educated and richly informed by a working /welfare class perspective, Sebastian roots his capacity building work in racial, economic, gender, sexuality, immigration justice and sovereignty struggles. She is committed to building self-determination, inclusion, leadership development and vibrancy within disability communities and is a co-founder of the Disability Justice Collective. Sebastian seeks to insert disability justice into the progressive left, progressive multi-issue politics into the disability community, and is passionate about the validity and glory of imperfect bodies and minds. Stubbornly invested in “the price of bread and rice” politics, Sebastian values community organizing that centers the leadership and perspectives of our people still excluded, alienated or forgotten from political spaces. You can often find Sebastian clutching close a good cup of tea, while responding to perpetual questions about their assistance dog by inventing random and occasionally obscene names for them as deliberate political strategy and act of self-preservation.

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