Mulani Jackson

Whatever falls from above is always the fruit of the tree; take and eat, but avoid anything from the ground moving towards you because it will bring you harm. If anyone comes to you and corrects your mistakes, accept them, but never listen to the one who covers up your mistakes because they bring destruction to your life.”

This is Mulani Jackson’s movement mantra that keeps her guided and on the right track. Originally from the Westside of Detroit, Michigan, Mulani is no stranger to movement work. Beginning her activism in the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement but shortly honed her focus on Black Trans Lives. An indeed neglected section on the QT2S+ Community but only briefly. She continues her work partnering with GSA Network and Trans Law Center to bring BIPOC Trans Femme Youth an Advocacy program and a sense of Sisterhood. Her newest endeavor will be a beacon for the wider BIPOC Trans community. Tranzzlation is a non-profit led by Two Black women of Trans Experience, making opportunities for those engaged in the sex work industry.

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