Jardyn Lake

Senior Program Associate, Black-Led Movements Fund at Borealis Philanthropy (Louisiana)

Jardyn Lake (they/them) is a Southern Black/queer cultural activist, youth worker, and artist. A graduate of Temple University [B.A. African-American Studies, Summa Cum Laude] and University of London’s SOAS [M.A. African Studies, with Distinction]. Jardyn was affirmed, baptized, and radicalized, nearly 15 years ago, in the holy waters of Southern social justice organizing and leadership through the Highlander Center and Southerners on New Ground (SONG). With the foundation of SONG as their political home, Jardyn has had the privilege of organizing and leading liberatory work (both nationally and internationally), ranging from the decriminalization of Black and Latinx queer and trans youth to Black immigration justice work. 

Jardyn is interested in creating a queer and trans Black, Caribbean, and African transnational dialogue to inhabit spaces of joy, collective healing, and reclamation.

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