Jade Lenore 

A mantra to self…I am shining my brightest light! Illuminating dark places and thoughts that oftentimes plague the world we exist in. I CHOOSE to be happy and to live a life of LOVE! I dare you to be your best possible self and Love yourself more and more each day! The universe will honor Love and Light, I believe it to be so, and so it is!  ~Jade Lenore

Jade Lenore LeDuff (She/Her/Hers) hails from the beautiful city of New Orleans, Louisiana, born and raised in the south and rooted in genuine southern hospitality. Jade Lenore is a unique visionary and leader in the LGBTQIA+ community. She quickly realized her gifts could genuinely positively impact others at an early age. As such, she has been devoted to ensuring the equity and proper treatment of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) Folx. 

Jade Lenore’s background includes a combined 10+ years of Compliance, Project Management, Training/Development, Facilitation, Reporting, Event Planning, Logistics, and Real estate. Jade Lenore has lent her knowledge and expertise in collaboration with many organizations, including Black Transwomen Inc., Black Trans Advocacy Coalition, Resource Center Dallas, AIDS United, United Black Ellument, Southern AIDS Coalition, and Equality Texas. Currently, Jade Lenore serves as the Senior Manager of Institutional Giving at the Transgender Law Center.

TGNC folx can often encounter setbacks, obstacles, discrimination, and adversity to live life fully and authentically. Recognizing those adversities led her to found, Just Love Collaborative Inc, a nonprofit to empower, affirm, and uplift all Women and Girls of Color, especially Women and Girls of Trans experience. Just Love will provide resources to build a bridge over obstacles to increase one’s quality of life. Fun facts, Jade Lenore, is an automotive enthusiast, DIYer, artisan, chef, comedian, outdoors lover, and she loves spending time with her partner and fur baby. Through her life experiences and works, she hopes that others see limitless possibilities, experience Love and Light, and find joy in every aspect of life.

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