The strength of our communities shine so bright!


Back to front: Andrea Jenkins, Stephanie Mott, Elle Hearns, Luce Lincoln, Asher Kolieboi, Marin Watts, Nico Amador, Fabian Romero, Gabriel Foster

“… to see this space with so much life, so much energy, to see how much everybody brought of themselves, I think its just an overall appreciation to trans people everywhere” – 2016 TJFP Panelist

What  an unbelievable past few weeks it’s been at TJFP.  Because of the generosity of our community, we exceeded our 2016 fundraising goal!  This allowed our community grantmaking panel to select 102 grant award recipients and distribute over $210,000 across the country.  As a 2016 grantee recently said, “thank you for believing in community without conditions”.  TJFP is grateful for each and every applicant, panelist, grantee, donor, and supporter.  We all did this, together!

Everyday our communities continue to fight against poverty, racial and gender injustice, inadequate health care, incarceration, physical violence and so much more. TJFP supports this work by giving away grants of $1000, $2500, and $5000 unrestricted dollars to groups with no strings attached. We do not require reporting and we don’t do site visits. We trust and support that these trans led groups will use the money how they see fit.

TJFP_alterLast weekend, our grantmaking panel, made up of trans activists and community organizers, read about and discussed some of the most radical, creative, and effective ways groups are supporting and showing up for the trans community. We were absolutely delighted to see applications from areas where we’d not received them from before–Alaska, Idaho, South Dakota and Hawai’i.

We learned so much from the 132 applications we received, including what it takes for emerging groups to grow and what previous grantee’s named as challenges and successes over the past year. This gave us a sense of the scale and scope of the work. Each and every year we’re reminded about how important it is to think about all of the different ways that organizing takes shape and serves communities.

Every panelist took their decision making role seriously, asking all the right questions, engaging in difficult conversations, while staying present all weekend long, dedicated to TJFP’s values and commitment to doing philanthropy differently.  By the end of the weekend nearly everyone cried tears from exhaustion and joy.  Moving money while building family with one another.

“I’m coming at this from the perspective of my upstart organization KSTEP and we got a $1000 grant from TJFP in 2013 but did not get one in 2014,  but I feel so comfortable knowing that in both cases, my application was reviewed with this much integrity and rigor.”
– 2016 TJFP Panelist

The truth remains–it is absolutely essential to ensure that these grassroots, trans-led, trans justice groups are supported and continue to grow.  Not only do we need them to struggle and fight, but to exist and thrive.


Congratulations to the 2016 TJFP Grantee’s!

Arcoíris Liberation Team and AzQUIP
Arkansas Transgender Equality Coalition
Asheville Transformers
Beyond These Walls
Black Trans Lives Matter
#BlackTransLivesMatter Tour
Black Transwomen Inc
Bois of the Sippi
Chat-N-Chew / Transwomen Excelling Successfully Together
Cicada Collective
Cleveland Is Ready
Community Ele’te
Community Kinship Life (CK Life)
Community Law Project
Daffodil Meadow Collective
Dane County Trans Health Group
Four Direction Fire Keepers – Eagle Evolution
FTM A2 Ypsi
Garden of Peace Project
Gay Shame
Gender Expansion Project
Gender Justice LA
Gender Justice Nevada
Genderqueer Minneapolis-St. Paul
Good Sense Farm & Apiary
Green Mountain Crossroads
Hearts on a Wire
Hudson Pride Trans View
Idaho Transgender Healthcare Advocacy
Identity, Inc.
Immigrant Youth Coalition
Inclusive Eastern Orthodox Church
Indigenous Trans Coalition
Lorena Borjas Community Fund
Louisiana Trans Advocates
Lynchburg Transgender Alliance
Magical Black Bitches
Margie’s Hope
Mariposas Sin Fronteras
Metro Trans Umbrella Group
Mid Coast Queer Collective
Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition
Montana Two Spirit Society
Nationz Foundation
New Legacy Ministries
NOTAFLOF Collective
Organizacion Latina de Trans en Texas
OUTreach Resource Centers
Outshine NW
PFLAG Tri-Cities
Queer Detainee Empowerment Project
RAD Remedy
RARE Productions
Santa Barbara Transgender Advocacy Network
Sistas of The “t”
Southern Arizona Gender Alliance (SAGA)
Spokane TALL
Stonewall Youth’s Trans Excellence and Advocacy (TEA) program
TAJA’s Coalition
TAKE Peer Group
Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition
Tent City Kweenz
The Bridgewalkers Alliance
The East Coast Two Spirit Society
The First API Transmasculine Retreat
The Knights and Orchids Society
The Queer & Trans People of Color Birthwerq Project
The Sisterhood
Trans Lifeline
Trans Love Fund, A program of We Are Family
Trans Oral History Project
Trans Pride foundation
Trans Pride Initiative
Trans Sistas of Color Project
Trans Student Educational Resources
Trans* Advocacy Visitation Team
TransAction South Dakota
Transcend Arizona
TransFamily of Erie
Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois
Transgender Assistance Program of Virginia
Transgender connect
Transgender Education Network of Texas
Translatina Coalition FL chapter
Translatina Network
Translatina T Services, Inc.
TransTech Social Enterprises
Tranzmission Prison Project
Tri-Cities Transgender
Upswing Advocates
Wisconsin Transgender Health Coalition
Youth Empowerment Performance Project (YEPP)



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