What is a ReUp?

While we don’t offer multi-year support, we do offer a ReUp!

A ReUp is where grantees will have the option to request a renewal grant of the same amount they received the year before. A ReUp is only an option for the year after the group received a grant. So, if the group received a grant in 2021, they are eligible for a ReUp in 2022. But in 2022, this group will have to apply again using our standard application.

Our hope is that ReUps will include some of the advantages of multi-year grants while avoiding some of their disadvantages. A ReUp will save our grantees time and get groups more cash, just like a multi-year grant. However, most multi-year grants only fund a smaller pool of established organizations. ReUps will allow more groups, including those that are newer and less well-known, access to a second year of funding. The ReUp plan will also continue to share the gatekeeping role of grantmaker with an ever-growing and diverse group of community members, so that applicants will always have the option to share their work with a new group of peers each year.