TEN YEARS of Transformation and Justice: let’s raise $1 million dollars to celebrate!

“To all the groups applying, this is your time to sing your heart song. TJFP hand picks an audience who can hear your heart song and appreciate it in ways we wished all philanthropy leaders could. This is your opportunity to talk about the obstacles in your community and how your heart work IS the remedy, because you live it first hand and you are already doing the work.”

-Candi Brings Plenty, 2021 TJFP Community Grantmaking Fellow and former grantee

Ten years of Transformation and Moving Millions!

2022 marks TJFP’s tenth year of resourcing grassroots trans-led groups and projects around the country.

As a community, we have the ability to uplift and support each other in so many ways and this project is just one example in a long history of community-led resistance and action.

Let’s celebrate this milestone in our history together! Join us this year to:

  • Raise $1 million dollars by the end of the year.

  • Move $1.75 million dollars to grassroots trans-led groups around the country.

  • Reach our first $250,000 goal by May 27th, 2022!

Trans/gender non-conforming/non-binary leaders, activists, organizers, and cultural workers are making true liberatory change in this world and for our people. For the past ten whirlwind, challenging, hopeful, and groundbreaking years, we’ve had the incredible honor of funding everything from projects providing basic food and housing needs through mutual aid, to organizations fighting anti-trans legislation and violence, to groups creating art and providing healing and visions of trans futures.

Please click here to join us in celebrating this past decade of grassroots, trans-led activism by helping us uplift and fund this year’s grantees!

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Trusting and supporting trans leadership is at the core of what we do–now and forever.

Unlike much of the philanthropic landscape, TJFP is a Black-led organization, with a staff composed entirely of trans and non-binary BIPOC individuals.  And each year we continue to work with a rotating group of six multiracial, intergenerational trans and non-binary grantmaking fellows who have deep roots in trans activism and organizing. We know that there is no one way that trans justice “should” look like, so we bring together fellows from different geographic areas, working in different aspects of trans justice from spirituality to food justice to healthcare to filmmaking, to learn from each other and from the wisdom our many applications have to offer.

Our strength lies in believing that what trans people say we need, is what we need. We also believe in the power pulling together our resources to actively show our trans communities and leadership that we believe in them.

With your help, last year we were able to distribute an extraordinary 308 grants, totaling nearly $1.3 million dollars. Be a part of moving even more this year!

By making a donation today, you can help us move money to grassroots trans-led groups across the nation so that all trans communities can get what they need and deserve.

We thank you for helping us get here and for putting your trust in us over the past ten years, and we hope you continue to grow with us for another ten or more!

As our dedicated 2022 community grantmaking fellows are hard at work reading and reviewing 214 applications, and as our facilitators prepare to guide our team through the difficult heart work of moving money, here’s some of what they’re seeing in the applications this year!

  • We’ve received 214 applications from grassroots trans-led groups far and wide this year.
  • These trans justice changemakers come from all regions of the country: 25% from the West, 15% from the Midwest, 15% from the Northeast, 39% from the South, and 6% from U.S. Territories.
  • BIPOC leadership is high–with 83% of applications from groups led by POC, 57% from Black-led groups, and 38% from groups led by Black trans women or femmes.
  • This year, 137 of our applicants are located in states that are facing or have just passed anti-trans legislation. (To find current grantees who are located in these states, see our list of our 2021 grantees!)
  • 74% of our applicants are run by, serve, or focus on trans people in rural communities.
  • 46% of our applicant groups are led by people with disabilities.
  • Nearly half of our applicants are first-time applicants to TJFP.

Thank you to all of our friends, family, and the entire trans justice community, for helping make this work possible each and every year! Let’s keep it up and keep on funding trans power and trans futures!

“I am very proud of the groups we were able to fund. These are groups engaged in critical trans justice work straddling multiple movements – from Black Lives Matter to sex worker liberation to food justice to reproductive justice and more. These are organizations centering BIPOC trans leadership and innovating community-led interventions on the state and interpersonal violence aimed at our bodies and spirits. I am honored to have engaged in this radical grant-making practice alongside a powerful team of fellows and staff. We took our mandate to heart and moved with the intention, care and love that our trans and nonbinary communities need and deserve.”

-Ola Osaze, 2021 TJFP Community Grantmaking Fellow and former grantee

Let’s bring abundance to our communities!

From $1 to $50,000, there’s no donation too big or too small. Every dollar you give will go directly to this year’s grantees. Each year, the trans community is faced with enormous challenges, and we have to remain committed to each other and our people. We have to support the work of trans leadership and grassroots organizing.

Of our 2021 grantees, 79% had a budget under $50,000, 71% had a budget below $25,000, and 45% had a budget of less than $5,000. Many in that last group had no budget at all, paying for everything out of their own pockets. Our mission is to move unrestricted operating funds to grassroots trans brilliance as quickly and with as little red tape as possible. We believe that in doing so, we directly help trans communities to have more freedom and self-determination over our lives–we know that economic justice and access to resources is one sure way to make this freedom more possible.


Below are just a few of the many groups we’ve funded in 2021.

Check out this directory of our grantees and applicants for more inspiration.

Every year, we read through application after application and are inspired by the strength and resilience, the endless heart, and the many trans lives that are committed and dedicated to this work so that we all may live in our full power.  Each year, we receive more applications and move more money towards trans justice and this fills us with a fiery passion to continue the work. The groups we support are doing incredible life-changing and life-saving work, many in places that are deeply under-resourced and overlooked. They are creating ecosystems of support, mutual aid, and services to ensure trans communities are taken care of and can thrive.

I’m saying we are looking at a population that has never had their needs met…It means keep pushing yourself, and it also means really looking at using a lens of grace for those of us who are implementing the work… You know, I’m saying we’re trying to do this work to radically shift people’s lived experiences, and we’re a population who has been consistently neglected. And so that’s going to be a heavier lift.

Dominique Morgan, 2021 Grantmaking Fellow

Celebrating 10 years of supporting and trusting trans leadership!

In ten years, TJFP has made a tremendous impact both within local communities as well as within the greater trans justice movement. Over the years, we’ve distributed over $6.1 million dollars to grassroots trans organizing efforts, and we’ve built lasting relationships with our grantees, grantmaking alumni, and donors. This year, we’ve started working with a research team to dig deep into the nearly ten years of Trans Justice Funding Project’s applications. Through this archive, “TJFP’s 10th Year Retrospective,” the brilliance that’s been shared through the applications over the years can become a learning opportunity for all of us, as we uplift almost a decade’s worth of the strategies, challenges, and solutions our communities have shared through thousands of narratives. We look forward to sharing this deep knowledge not only as a historical document but also as a resource for our grantees, organizers, others in philanthropy, and those who want to learn more about grassroots organizing.

This important work can’t be done alone. It’s because of all of you who have provided so much community love and support that we are able get all this done.

Please join us this year to ensure our communities have the support they need and deserve-as they fight day in and day out for justice and liberation for our communities.  Let’s raise some money together!

What We Do and Why We Do It

The Trans Justice Funding Project is a community-led funding initiative founded in 2012 to support grassroots, trans justice groups run by and for trans people in the United States, including U.S. territories. TJFP is staffed by all trans and non-binary individuals who are Black, Brown, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). We make grants annually by bringing together a panel of six trans justice activists from around the country to carefully review every application we receive. We center the leadership of trans people organizing around their experiences with racism, economic injustice, transmisogyny, ableism, immigration, incarceration, and other intersecting oppressions. Unlike how much of the philanthropic field operates, TJFP grants have no restrictions and no strings attached because we truly believe in trans leadership.

Over the last nine years, TJFP has been honored to have worked with 54 trans and non binary community grantmaking panelists and fellows, received 1,734 applications, given away 1,523 grants through our community-led process, and distributed more than $5.6 million.

As the only funder in the U.S who funds grassroots, trans-led groups and projects fighting for trans justice- led by an all BIPOC trans staff, this is no small feat. We’re thankful every day to be able to support so many trans communities!

Other Ways You Can Help

For folks not able to contribute through monetary donations, there are so many other ways to help. Right now, we’d be especially grateful for your help in spreading the word about this campaign!