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TJFP mentioned in Advocate article, Here’s How the Feds Can Fight Trans Murders

“Last Thursday morning, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi grieved the loss of at least 21 transgender women murdered in the U.S. this year as a result of anti-trans bias.

“We can pass a law, we can help to break down barriers in people’s minds,” said Pelosi at her morning press briefing, according to the Washington Blade. “Now we have to get to their hearts.”obama-franken-pelosi-x750

Her remarks come on the heels of Sen. Al Franken’s letter the previous day to the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, urging an end to law enforcement’s frequent misgendering of trans murder victims, and an increase in the reporting and tracking of hate crimes against gender-variant people.

The White House also weighed in at an afternoon press conference Thursday. Deputy White House press secretary Eric Schultz offered “thoughts and prayers” for the victims and their families, adding that the White House has no new “legislative or official reviews” on the matter. But, “obviously the president’s record on this is well known,” concluded Schultz.

So now that top officials of the federal government are addressing what advocates are calling an epidemic of transgender murders, beyond prayers and existing legislative measures, what can they do?

Drawing from the valiant efforts of advocates, outreach specialists, policymakers, and government officials, here are two steps that Congress and the White House can take to fight deadly violence against transgender people in the United States.”

View the full artice here and learn more about other trans justice groups and organizations providing research, outreach, education, and advocacy.

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All of Our Lives Matter! Trans Lives Matter!

November 14th-20th is Trans Awareness Week, leading up to Trans Day of Remembrance on the 20th. This is time to raise visibility for trans and gender non conforming people, speak the names of our dead, fight for the living and address issues that affect our communities and loved ones.

Here are a few articles and videos that TJFP is reading and watching as we relfect on what this week is about.  Please don’t forget how innovative, resilient, courageous and breathtaking we are.

All of our lives matter. Trans lives matter.

**WARNING: Some of the content in the following articles and videos may address violence, anti-trans violence, sexual assault, mis-pronouning and language that may not be suitable for all audiences**


Remembering Us When We’re Gone, Ignoring Us While We’re Here: Trans Women Deserve More by Morgan Collado

Trans Remembrance and Resistance by Chase Strangio

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Critique is Resistance; Resistance is Revolution by L’lerrét Jazelle Ailith

Transgender Day of Remembrance: A Day to Honor the Dead and the Living by Shelby Chestnut

Mother, Transgender Daughter Seek Acceptance In Small-Town Wisconsin by By Galen Druke





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