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TJFP Behind the Scenes: Meet Cori Hook

Like many grassroots efforts, volunteers and interns are an essential. It takes a lot of love and people power to make things happen. Allow us to introduce one of our behind the scenes magic makers, Cori Hook.

Cori lives in Brooklyn, NY and has been volunteering for TJFP for six months.  Before becoming a volunteer, she began her support for TJFP as a donor.  When asked why it was important to her to donate she responded,  “I think it is essential to donate whether or not I have time to volunteer, as the foundation of TJFP is people that believe in the organization giving whatever they are able whether it’s $5 or $5,000. Every donation builds on each other not just creating a pot of funds to give to amazing work across the country, but fostering a collective of people who are the backbone of TJFP”.  Cori became a volunteer because she believes in TJFP’s mission and wanted to be a part of “implementing in addition to donating”.


Cori Hook, TJFP Volunteer

Here are a few addiontal things Cori shared:

Why is trans justice work or funding trans justice work important to you?  

I think it is a basic need to work and fund people and orgs who are addressing overlapping forms of oppression while examining areas of privilege and the ways that everything impacts on different levels personally and societally- Trans Justice in essence captures this. Because one day, I would like a year to pass without learning about the tragic death of a community member whether through one on one violence, police violence, social neglect, lack of appropriate medical care, lack of housing or …

Since becoming a volunteer with TJFP is there anything  you have learned?

How many amazing organizations/individual people are doing incredible, creative work! The range of needs for trans folks around the country depending on where people live- the beautiful commitment people give to each other monetarily and emotionally through the connection of TJFP.

Do you have any hopes or wishes for TJFP for the next few years?

To raise more money to give away! To have a secure long term staffed position to ensure that happens!

If you see yourself as an ally to trans justice work, how do you see your role as an ally and/or do you have anything to say to other allies?

Get involved! In whatever way feels good to you! Whether behind the scenes, communicating with other allies personally or leading workshops, pointing out when things could be changed, understanding and embracing what overlapping oppressions mean, giving what you can, don’t expect trans people to teach you.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not volunteering at TJFP?

Currently, I am training to do a 285 mile bike ride from Boston to NYC for Braking Aids (brakingaidsride.org), which has given me a chance to raise money for an amazing organization as well as push myself mentally and physically beyond anything I have done before. Housing Works is the org, who at a grassroots level focuses on the dual crisis of HIV/AIDS and homelessness. Please go here to find out more about Housing Works and here if you want to help me meet my goal and enable me to go on this ride. I also volunteer at the Audre Lorde Project, hang out with my gf and get out of town and in the woods whenever possible.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about you? 

Phew, I think that was plenty!

Thank you Cori for all of your hard work!  TJFP is extremely lucky to have your support.

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