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TJFP Behind the Scenes: Meet Becca Wisotsky

Like many grassroots efforts, volunteers and interns are an essential. It takes a lot of love and people power to make things happen. Allow us to introduce one of our behind the scenes magic makers, Becca Wisotsky.


Becca lives in Brooklyn, NY and has been volunteering for TJFP for a year. This weekend she’ll be representing TJFP as a presenter at Collective Dollars, Collective Sense: Giving circles and models of cross class philanthropy. This panel and workshop will take place at the Money for Our Movements conference in Baltimore, Maryland on Saturday, August 2nd at 4:15pm.

Here’s a little bit more about Becca and why she chooses to donate her time and resources to the Trans Justice Funding Project.

Why did you decide to volunteer with TJFP?

I’m inspired by TJFP’s approach to moving money through community led giving.  I believe each person/community knows whats best for them and should lead the way for justice. Allies can have a big part in this by taking direction and using their resources to support communities that are not their own and should – that is why I’m involved. I’m also involved with TJFP because I know that trans folks have extremely limited access to funding and face a tremendous amount of violence at multiple levels.  The fact that TJFP has identified and is funding groups who are leading from within without the support of being a 501c3 or with very little money and visibility is tremendous.  I know some of the most substantial and quality work comes from the ground up and that’s where I want to put my volunteer time and money – with groups that are leading the way on their own liberation.

Why is it important to you to donate in addition to being a volunteer?

TJFP is the first and only group where I am a monthly donor.  Monthly donations are critical to sustaining an organization and I can’t imagine a world without TJFP. I’m excited about community led giving to smaller groups as a method of philanthropy and justice. Why is trans justice work or funding trans justice work important to you?  Trans communities are often the community most impacted by the intersections of oppression and injustice. The people working to make trans lives – human lives – liberated from these injustices are few. As a middle class, cis gendered, femme of color queer who fits into the binary of mainstream community, I find it extra important to take on the responsibility to be a resource to all parts of the diverse and fabulous queer community, especially those facing the most barriers to survival.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about you?  I am a proud cat parent to my little cat friend Sebio and feel no shame about posting cat pictures online.  🙂

When Becca isn’t tirelessly volunteering to write grantee interviews or speak on behalf of TJFP, she might be found enjoying a nice glass of Rosé, taking dance lessons or delighting in yoga in the park.

Thank you Becca for all the ways you’ve supported TJFP over the last year.  We love working with you!

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