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Drunktown’s Finest showing in Asheville, NC tonight!

Asheville! 9-29-15_DrunkTownsFinest (2)

Tonight is your opportunity to support a film written and directed by a Navajo trans woman AND TJFP’s upcoming Sweetgrass Award that will make grants to Native American/Two Spirit groups and organizations in the US working for trans justice.

Tickets can be purchased at the door or online. Here is a back up link just in case.  Just type in Asheville in the location box. We don’t want to loose anyone!

More about the film:

Writer and director Sydney Freeland was born and raised on a Navajo reservation in Gallup, New Mexico—dubbed “Drunktown.” The disconnect between her experiences and the media’s portrayal of reservation life compelled her to create last year’s Sundance success, Drunktown’s Finest. The narrative feature offers not one, but three harrowing interwoven tales of loss and triumph at or around a reservation in Drunktown. Felixia, a trans woman, pursues a spot in the “women of the tribe” calendar. Sick Boy confronts violence and drug abuse. Nizhoni seeks out her past, well after being adopted by a white family. At its core, the film represents the ongoing search for identity and Freeland’s desire to more honestly portray reservation life.

This film is not to be missed! Don’t miss out!



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TJFP April Fundraising Campaign Update: So far we’ve raised $4,964!  Can we do it?  Can we make our $15,000 goal by THIS Thursday?  If we meet our goal then next weekend the community panel will able to give away $200,000 to grassroots, trans-led, trans justice groups and organizations across the country.

What a feeling that would be!  Join in today!  There’s no donation too big or too small!

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What do we want… TRANS JUSTICE!

WHEN DO WE WANT IT…#transjusticegiving NOW!

Here’s your chance to help resource trans-led, grassroots groups and organizations fighting for trans justice.

There’s no donation too small to show your love and support today.

Join TJFP’s April Fundraising Campaign if you can!


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Yikes! Anti-Gay Indiana Pizzeria Receives $840,000 in donations.

n-PIZZA-large570Nope, that’s not a headline from the Onion satirical newspaper.  Sadly, it really happened.

Memories Pizza, the Indiana restaurant that said it would refuse to cater gay weddings under the state’s controversial religious freedom law, has raised more than $800,000 from supporters.

Can you imagine how much impact the trans justice movement could have if we could also raise that kind of money in a matter of days?

Please consider making a donation to support the Trans Justice Funding Project’s April fundraising campaign.  $1, $5, or $50.  No amount is too small to fund trans led, grassroots, trans justice work today!




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