Celebrating Ten Years of Transformation and Funding a Movement! / ¡Celebrando Diez Años de Transformación y Financiando un Movimiento!

We hope you’ll join the Trans Justice Funding Project fam and community at our virtual event! Together, we have accomplished so much and we cannot wait to celebrate ten years of trans justice with you!

¡Esperamos que se una virtualmente a nuestro evento con la familia y comunidad del Proyecto de Financiamiento de Justicia Trans (TJFP)! ¡Juntos hemos logrado tanto y no podemos esperar para celebrar diez años de justicia trans con usted!

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We did it!

Last week, we reached our spring fundraising goal of $250,000 (and then some!), thanks to your generosity and support. And over the past weekend, our amazing Community Grantmaking Fellows chose the 204 trans-led grassroots trans justice groups who will be receiving grants this year! There’s more exciting news to share from this year’s groundbreaking and unprecedented grantmaking panel, so stay tuned in the coming weeks for the full announcement of all 204 grantees and how we’re supporting our communities in 2022.

We always knew our tenth year would be one of celebration for having made it so far, but we could never have dreamed of all we’ve achieved in 2022. Starting in 2012 as a project distributing $55,000 to 22 grantees at our first grantmaking panel, we’re now moving $1.25 million in grants to 204 grantees. If we include the ReUp grants we made earlier this year, we’ll be distributing over $1.9 million to 352 grassroots trans-led groups in 2022 and watching the field of trans justice grow and grow!

Thank you to all our brilliant applicants and grantees, and thank you to our supporters and community for donating, spreading the word, and fighting for trans justice in big and small ways every day. Most of all, thank you for taking care of each other and yourselves.

As one of our 2022 Grantmaking Fellows, Tatyana Moaton, said after reading this year’s applications,

“These funds will be going directly back into the communities that vitally need them. This is the true essence of letting community help community.”

At our core we believe in people helping people, and we’re forever grateful for everyone who trusts and believes in trans brilliance.

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Introducing 2022 Grantmaking Fellow, Monserrat Padilla!

We’re so happy to introduce you to the sixth and last of our Community Grantmaking Fellows, Monserrat Padilla!

Monserrat Padilla (she/her/ella)  joined the Satterberg Foundation in July 2021 as a Program Officer. Prior to joining Satterberg, Monserrat was the Director of the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network; a multiracial, multilingual, and multi-faith statewide coalition that came together due to the 2016 elections to protect immigrant rights.

Monserrat has worked at the state and national level for over 12 years building the capacity of grassroots organizations through programs and advocacy campaigns to foster community development for LGBTQ+, immigrants, and people of color. Under COVID-19, Monserrat mustered state policy wins that brought economic relief for Washington state undocumented immigrant residents through direct cash assistance, legal support, and access to healthcare.

Monserrat grew up undocumented in the United State since the age of two and is a beneficiary of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an executive program under the Obama Administration, for which she helped shaped blueprint policy.

So much gratitude for your presence and heart on our panel, Monserrat!

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Introducing 2022 Grantmaking Fellow, Ashe Helm-Hernández!

We are beyond thrilled to announce Ashe Helm-Hernández as our fifth Community Grantmaking Fellow!

Ashe Helm-Hernández (they/ them) is a queer nonbinary Southern Black butch with roots in Louisville, KY. Ashe holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Arts from the Hite Art Institute at the University of Louisville. They have 20 years of experience in youth organizing and leadership development and Human Rights to Education advocacy as a cultural worker and artist. Ashe is currently the National Program Manager for GSA Network, a next-generation LGBTQ+ racial and gender justice organization. Their background also includes teaching adult education, youth mentoring, advocacy and development, and anti-oppression community organizing. Ashe’s cultural organizing background and their own political artwork have led them to co-create and co-curate a number of projects and practices of cultural solidarity with grassroots organizations AgitArte, Southerners On New Ground (SONG), the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, and the #NOT1MORE deportation national campaign (which evolved into the national organization Mijente). Ashe is co-founder & Project Director of Tiger’s Eye Collective: Queer Security Cultural & Educational Project. Ashe is passionate about the safety of all our people and curating safe spaces for trans-masculine-identified and genderqueer folks to connect, build collective leadership, and advance political unity across southern states, and across gender and sexuality.

It makes our hearts sing to have such a great mind on our panel this year!

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Introducing 2022 Community Grantmaking Fellow, Evelyn Quintana!

We’re delighted to introduce you to our fourth Community Grantmaking Fellow, Evelyn Quintana!

Evelyn Quintana (they, them, theirs, elle) is a shapeshifting gender-expansive herbalist, plant enthusiast, and nurturer. Evelyn’s lived experience as a queer Mexican immigrant, sex worker and proximity to state violence has positioned them to become a lifelong accomplice for reproductive justice, abolition, decolonization and disability justice.

Evelyn’s introduction to philanthropy was as a Third Wave Fund 2019 Sex Worker Giving Circle Fellow, which awakened a deep appreciation for the need and power of social justice philanthropy.

Now, Evelyn supports Groundswell Fund’s grantmaking as their Grantmaking Program Associate. Evelyn is a Funders for LGBTQ Issues 2020 GUTC (Grantmakers United for Trans Communities) fellow, Third Wave Fund 2021 Sex Worker Giving Circle Advisor, and Trans Justice Funding Project 2022 Community Funding Fellow. Their goal is use their leadership, grantmaking skills and fundraising knowledge to disturb and challenge what traditional philanthropy looks like.

Thank you, Evelyn, for bringing your experience and brilliance to our panel this year!

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Introducing 2022 Community Grantmaking Fellow, Maximilián Vega-Vélez!

It’s such an honor to introduce our third 2022 Community Grantmaking Fellow, Maximilián Vega-Vélez!

Maximilián Vega-Vélez (he/they) is a soft trans masculine, non binary, cuir and intersex person. Rematriated to the west side of the archipelago of Borikén (Puerto Rico) after being displaced to NYC aft Hurricane María.

Transfeminist artist and community organizer. They are part of the artists in residence of Taller Libertá (@taller.liberta). Creator of Girasoles (@girasoles.arte), their personal project that uses art and design for healing, justice and liberation. Co-founder of Círculo Violeta (@circulovioletapr) an artist collective whose mission is to co-create trans, intersex, fat and disable narratives from Puerto Rico. Max’s current art work explores his bodily HRT transitions in relationship to exploring pleasure, euphoria and jayaera. Max is currently the Coordinador of the Sylvia Rivera & Christina Hayworth Initiative (SylC). SylC is a participatory grantmaking initiative that supports the dreams of grassroots groups led by trans and non-binary people in Borikén (Puerto Rico).

Endless gratitude that you’ve chosen to join us this year, Max!

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Join us in raising $250k by May 27th and $1 million total over the course of 2022!


Ten years ago, TJFP was born from an effort to move money directly to grassroots groups and projects, run by and for trans people with “No Strings Attached,” because from the beginning, we have always trusted and believed in trans leadership and organizing.

Just like we did back in 2013, we invite you to join us in demonstrating a collective kind of love by donating whatever you can to support hundreds of groundbreakers, change makers and architects of abundance.

Over the next month our goal is to raise $250,000! All donations will go directly to hundreds of groups, organizations, projects and communities.  And we’re not stopping there! Until the end of the year we’re gonna go for it and plan to raise $1 million dollars.

(Just between us, more 10 year anniversary celebrations are coming soon!)

Being one of the first trans led, trans justice funders, getting to where we are now has been a journey. We wouldn’t be here a decade later without the commitment and generosity of so many. Thank you for actively believing in our people with us.

Now let’s raise $250,000 together by May 27th! Join us in celebrating this past decade of grassroots, trans-led activism by helping us uplift and fund this year’s grantees!

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Introducing 2022 Community Grantmaking Fellow, Tatyana Moaton!

TJFP is so excited to introduce the second of our six 2022 Community Grantmaking Fellows, Tatyana Moaton!

Dr. Tatyana Moaton (she/her/hers) is the CEO, and Principal Consultant for Envision Consulting, one of the first black trans led consulting firms in the country. She has extensive experience working in Human Resources championing strategic initiatives geared towards Diversity & Inclusion. She is currently in the role of a Senior Capacity Building Specialist with San Francisco Community Health Center. Tatyana is a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, serving honorably as an Intelligence Officer in the US Army. She was reared in the City of Chicago and attended college in Milwaukee, WI. She recently obtained her Doctorate of Philosophy In Management Science.

She is a staunch advocate for the Trans community and has worked with the American Civil Liberties Union as a spokesperson for Trans litigation and LAMBDA Legal. Working with the U.S. Center for Disease Controls, Science Application Team as a consultant to develop the first intervention geared towards the transgender targeted population.

Tatyana is a faculty member of Transgender Strategy Center and has worked with organizations and companies such as AIDS United, NMAC, Gilead, Merck, Elton John AIDS Foundation, and The Black AIDS Institute.

We’re full of gratitude that Tatyana has joined us and is lending her brilliance to this grantmaking cycle!

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Donate towards our $250,000 goal and help fund grassroots Trans Justice!

TJFP is turning 10 years old and we’re raising $250k by May 27th as the first part in our year-long 10th anniversary fundraiser. We hope to raise $1 million dollars throughout the entire year. 


Stay tuned, because later this summer we’re going to have our first ever virtual fundraising celebration! Learn more and donate towards our first $250,000 goal, and find out about this year’s applicants.


Right now, our grantmaking fellows are reading the hundreds of applications that arrived this year, preparing to select 2022’s grantees after May 27th. The money you help us raise goes to these incredible trans-led groups across the country, many of whom are located in states battling hostile legislation. These groups focus not only on trans issues but also respond to community needs like racial justice, housing, legal support, disability, employment, job training, organizing, education justice, economic justice, and so much more. These groups are operating through an intersectional lens and doing all they can to help trans communities survive and grow, sustain and thrive individually and collectively.


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Introducing 2022 TJFP Community Grantmaking Fellow, Bunnie Wells Cruse!

TJFP is thrilled to introduce the first of our six Community Grantmaking Fellows, Bunnie Wells Cruse!

Bunnie Wells Cruse (she/her) is a Mexican-American Trans Woman and lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bunnie is currently Board Chair of The Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico, Queen Mother of The Imperial Sovereign Court of New Mexico, and on the board of A Light in The Night Community Outreach. Bunnie is the cofounder of what is now the NM HIV WALK and founder of #BunnieBags that helps feed trans and non binary folx. Bunnie is passionate about feeding her community and fundraises year round to do so.

This year Bunnie is celebrating 16 years of recovery from meth addiction, being homeless and survival sex work. In 2021 she graduated from EMERGE, a program that teaches woman and non binary folx to run for public office. She is the first trans woman to take the EMERGE program in New Mexico and was elected class speaker by her peers. Bunnie ran to be appointed to the New Mexico House of Representatives, while she didn’t win she is super proud that she did it. Bunnie is the first out trans woman to run for any public office in New Mexico. Bunnie’s mentors in politics are Secretary of The Interior Deb Haaland, New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Oliver Toulouse and Governor of New Mexico Michelle Lujan Grisham.

Bunnie is currently an administrative assistant out of the Office of The Governor and is assigned to the New Mexico Department of Health’s contact tracing unit. Bunnie also works in a nightclub, Effex, on the weekends where she is able to talk and get to know community members. On a personal note Bunnie is engaged and plans on getting married summer of 2022.

Thank you for bringing your power and wisdom to our grantmaking panel this year!

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