2016 funding updates and 2017 open applications!

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2016 funding updates & applications open for 2017 TJFP grant! 
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Dear friends and community,

It’s the end of the year and what a year it has been. After the election results came in, some of us became riddled with fear and some of us feel this is nothing new. But at this moment communities are grappling with where we’re headed politically, especially after inauguration day on January 20th. But wherever your feelings land, these are uncertain times.

While trans and gender non-conforming communities have been in deep conversations about where to go from here, many are also providing emergy services. There are valid fears that the rights of trans and gender non-confirming people may be further targeted in negative ways and there is great concern around the future of the ability to legally change name and gender markers on ID documents. Simulationously, groups of funders are also working hard to provide rapid response grants, knowing that our communities will be needing additional support.

TJFP is a community-led funder and we’re not set up to have more than one grantmaking panel per year. And it’s important for us to remain as true to our community-led grantmaking process as possible, so instead of making rapid response grants, TJFP decided to give an additional grant to all 102 groups selected in 2016 cycle–that’s an additional $211,000 that went directly towards trans justice this year.

Because of you and your support, we’ve been able to move more than $425,000 to over 100 grassroots trans-led trans justice groups around the country. And we’re about to do it all over again! Applications for 2017 TJFP grants are now open

Please share widely and get your application in, because this year we’re increasing the amount of money we’re giving away. Help us make this happen by donating if you can. From $1 to $50,000, there truly is no donation too big or too small. Every penny goes directly to these grassroots groups, without strings attached. Please join TJFP in continuing to invest in grassroots trans leadership today! We’ve never needed it more.

With so much love and gratitude,

Gabriel Foster

Learn more about TJFP!

Learn more about TJFP!